The Integrated Production White Paper

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"In a world where creative that is less bound to specific media buys or deliverables and digital work often is at the heart of a campaign, it changes the production process and the efficiencies." BBDO Director of Integrated Production Brian DiLorenzo puts it mildly in this, our inaugural White Paper on Integrated Production.

DiLorenzo is one of the production experts we sought to provide insight into this rapidly shifting discipline. The production landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years, as creative ideas have expanded in scope. Integration has become one of the major watchwords of 21st century advertising, but what does it mean and how do you actually produce integrated work?

In this White Paper, with the help of several of the industry's foremost experts, we dis-integrate integrated production - finding out how some of the most productive agencies are orienting their departments and their talent to execute all manner of new ideas. We also present in depth production process case studies on some of the big integrated campaigns of the past year and look at how production efficiencies are created. In the end, the incorporation of digital skill sets - and the digital mindset - prove key.

Click for the The Integrated Production White Paper (in PDF form)
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