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Dave Koza's history in commercials begins in the cutting room of TBWA/Chiat/Day New York, where he was in-house editor for about nine years, working on spots for clients from Calvin Klein to Reebok. "I was in on the early part of the creative process, and I think that was really valuable in just understanding how ideas get developed and how they take shape," he notes. Working at Chiat exposed him to the creative vibe of ad gurus like Dick Sittig and Lee Clow. It also hooked him up six years ago with Ian Mackenzie, who ended up giving him his first job at his editing outfit. Koza just made partner at the well-respected Mackenzie Cutler in New York, a natural progression given his hefty contribution to the shop's glistening comedic rep. His reel includes spots from Lowe's witty Heineken campaign, which tie the brew to the accidental genesis of pop music phenomena, like the concert lighter tribute and vinyl scratching.

He leans toward no particular variety of comedy, however, and spots on his reel for Dial-a-Mattress, "Got Milk?" and Miller Lite read funny in myriad ways. "Within comedy there are a lot of different techniques that can be used," he acknowledges. "Sometimes they're visual, sometimes they're music- or sound-oriented. Sometimes there's more dialogue." How does he determine which route to take? "It's important to really know all the footage and be very familiar with all the performances, so you're able to try different things." Also, there's that invaluable willingness to embrace ideas from everyone involved in the process. "You want to talk with everyone - the director, the creatives, the producer. It really is a collaboration. Everybody brings something, and hopefully, I can add something that makes it the best it can be." Sounds like he's ready to cut for the Army.

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