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Gordon Carey found his place in the advertising universe when he tuned in to SportsCenter. The L.A.-based FilmCore editor had been cutting a lot of fast food spots when along came the long-running ESPN campaign, which originated at Wieden & Kennedy Portland. Editing about 50 of the hilarious promos were enough to make Carey one with his funnybone, and his handiwork now marks the spots of humor lords like Bryan Buckley, Traktor and Joe Public. Notably, his comedic timing emerged in cinematic proportions on the EDS Super Bowl hits "Running With the Squirrels" and "Cat Herders." He won at the AICE Editing Awards last year for the latter, which was demanding enough to involve cutting multiple passes for effects-laden scenes. But it also required a keen eye for sorting through the performances of real cowboys and actors, captured by director John O'Hagan.

If you ask Carey, his professional mantra has been to go with the flow - of the director and the story itself. "You roll with the film you get from different directors," he notes. "They have their own style and you don't want to fight the style. You want to make the editing invisible. I'm not a flashy editor. I don't try to wow with an edgy cut. I'm trying to bring the story to the forefront and let everything that everybody else has worked so hard to get on the page and on the screen be fulfilled. When you don't know what the editor did, usually that's when an edit is good. That's what I'm trying to do most of the time. In the process of course, I make many decisions along the way that hopefully will give you that end result."

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