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Jinx Godfrey's unusual first name, (a play off her real moniker, Jessica) might cue you in to the fact that the editor's sensibilities skew toward the "darker and deeper," as she puts it. That explains why she dropped her jaw when she realized she was going to be working with director James Marsh, for whom she edited the acclaimed documentaries Wisconsin Death Trip and John Cale. After spending most of her career editing out of cool British joints like the now defunct The Film Editors and most recently The Whitehouse, the U.K. native now calls New York home, having just officially signed on at The Post Factory.

Stygian leanings aside, "I like it when you get a human moment," she notes. That's obvious from her reel, which includes a Spike-Lee-directed Nike spot, in which the typically stern-faced Milwaukee Buck Ray Allen briefly lights up with satisfaction. "There wasn't that much of him that way, but it worked," she recalls. "It gave an emotional element at the end." It was even more satisfying when she helped to pump life into a pair of inflatable sex doll lovers that appeared in a BBH Levi's spot, directed by Dante Ariola.

Finding the emotional hook is often the key to good storytelling for Godfrey. "It's very much looking for the unexpected; perhaps something that hasn't been scripted so there's some element of surprise in there, which is not necessarily something you're doing that's funky, but is more emotional. I think it's the same with whatever you're editing. In a documentary, you want to keep them watching, keep them interested and you want them to come away with a certain feeling in the end. It's the same in a commercial - perhaps harder to do in the amount of time you've got, but you can do it."

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