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Livio Sanchez started his career cutting cheese. That is, he honed his chops editing tons of karaoke videos. "It's actually harder to cut something that doesn't have the story there, so you actually have to create it in the editing room," he notes about the value of doing the silly sing-along films. "Those, I think, are more challenging sometimes than staying out of the way of a fantastic performance, idea or shot. It's so much easier to hang on a nice shot that tells the story, than to have to create it yourself using a lot of typical shots that don't work."

Karaoke's no longer part of the picture for Sanchez, who these days tailors his schedule to the A-level creative that finds its way into his suite at The Whitehouse in Santa Monica. He joined five years ago when the company was still The Looking Glass, and prior to that he trained with mentor Mike Elliot at Mad River Post. The 33-year-old Sanchez has cut of a convoy of car spots for the likes of Nissan, Chevy and Toyota, but the sheet metal glare can't hide his worthiness in other areas, for clients like Ultimate TV, Anheuser-Busch and Nike. As far as beer goes, one word will suffice: "Whassup?" However, there's also Bud Light "Falcon," an audience fave at this year's Super Bowl.

"The way I look at is, I'm a storyteller," he explains. "No matter what the story is, I'm going to tell it in the

best way possible, given the material that's been shot.

I've gone from being pigeonholed as the car editor to the effects editor and then to the comedy or dialogue editor. And now, it's like, 'Can you cut cars?' It cracks me up every time."

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