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Along her career path, Sherri Margulies almost made a detour into biomedical engineering (which she studied at Boston University) before she ultimately found her way to editing. "I think of my career as a lifestyle choice," says the New York-based Crew Cuts editor. "In a weird way, it makes perfect sense; for fun, my hobbies are making collages, plus I was into engineering because I was very mathematical. Editing sort of mixes both things. Somehow, it makes sense, although the way I got here makes absolutely no sense."

Margulies' entry was pretty random. After doing some PA work in commercials, she landed a job answering the phone at Crew Cuts and has been there ever since. "Once I started being in this environment, it was like, 'How could you not learn everything around you?'" Today, instead of directing calls she's making them on blockbusters like both Britney Pepsi spectaculars and BBDO's well-received New York Miracle campaign ("Turkey," starring Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal and "Skating," which featured Woody Allen).

It seems like Margulies has been in the business forever from the looks of her reel, which includes tons of work for Joe Pytka, including 1996's acclaimed talking chimps spot, for HBO. Turns out the 34-year-old has been editing for less than a decade. She figures it all fell into place about midway through her career after she cut an effects bonanza for Pepsi back in '95. It featured Shaq, a la Forrest Gump, becoming part of nostalgic TV moments from I Love Lucy, and The Honeymooners. The HBO campaign followed soon after, and the great work continued to flow her way. "I went from receptionist to partner, so now when I interview people I'm like, 'You want to come work here? Be a messenger or a receptionist. Really, you never know what could happen. Trust me.' "

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