Where is Alvaro Fern√°ndez Mendy?

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Alvaro was (and is) one of the greatest creative directors in the country.

Back in the nineties, he worked in Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires with Carlos Bayala, where they made ads that are still not only remembered by a generation, but also as case studies for universities and creative schools alike.

Later on, Alvaro (as he is known to many of his friends and clients), went to BA's office for DraftFCB.

And early this year, Alvaro founded his own agency called Yo, which means "I" or "Me."

Now, I don¬īt mean to criticize or anything, but the creative arena began with heavy talking about the less important part of his new endeavor, which was "You seen the name he put on his agency?" instead of talking about what he's trying and wanting to do in his new agency.

I talked to Alvaro last week, seeking to know what he was up to.

"I'm trying to go back to my roots; to an area of respect for the work today is hard to find in advertising agencies," he said.

And he's trying to give the work the priority back again, he says. He's going back to design, which was his first activity in the business, so many years ago.

His first assignments in that area are going to be with ad agency Madre, Mother's local branch.

"It's a re-encounter with Carlos," he says. "I'm coming back to the starting point, in many ways".

He laughs when he hears what people are saying about his ego, the one they say was which dictated his agency¬īs name.

"All who know me, know it's exactly the opposite. I only put it to show that is me, simply, plainly and with nothing else over it".

So I asked, "If the name is 'I', what do 'YOU' want to do?"

"I want to concentrate on the work, only on the work. It's all that matters," he answered.

He's been calling his former DraftFCB clients, some say. And many of them, are willing to listen, I can tell you.

They do right.
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