The Argentine WereSeaLion, exposed!!!!!

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Here's another summer-inspired spot.

This one was made by ad agency El Cielo for the cell phone company CTI.

The animal the boy transforms himself into is, of course, a sea lion. The story mixes with the popular "Werewolf" belief, which in Argentina is called the "lobizón."

The sea lion is the symbol of the city of Mar del Plata, one of Argentina´s largest seaside cities.

Wherever you go in Mar del Plata you'll see sea lion effigies: in hotels, in logos, in napkins, taxis...

In fact, in one of its largest beaches (the Bristol), two five-meter high statues of sea lions guard the entrance.

Here´s a picture of one of the colossal satutes, made in 1910:

Argentina's sea lion
Argentina's sea lion
So, the folks at El Cielo used the Mar del Plata's Sea Lion as their main feature for this spot, whose theme song is also bound to become the summer's hit.

You will certainly recognize the song, which has been translated into Spanish, so instead of "Thriller", the theme song is "Espeluznante".

It is not known how much they had to spend in order to be allowed Michael Jackson's rights, but I bet it's a hell of a lot of money.

Whatever, the result seems just great.

Enjoy the sand, the sun, and beware of the world's unique Argentine WereSeaLion !!!!!!!!

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