Bats in the skies; the Red Cross and Leo Burnett in the parks; and the firemen.

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The Argentine Red Cross changed the cities landscape with a guerrilla action, created to raise awareness to the drama of floods in the north eastern part of the country.

What they did was to remake a rural house, and embed it not on the ground, but in one of the cities lakes.

"This is what a household looks like when hit by a flood", the campaign theme said. The house you see in the picture here was installed in the middle of the city, more precisely in downtown Palermo parks, besides the busy Sarmiento avenue.

The idea belongs to ad agency Leo Burnett, which is emerging into the creative spotlight these past years.

I talked to Fernando Bellotti about the action, and about the work the agency is doing for clients like car company FIAT, and he was adamant about the agency's future.

When speaking about the work for the Argentine Red Cross, Bellotti emphasized the commitment the agency, the City's government and the production companies made to a pro-bono work, that has raised thousands of dollars in donations.

Fernando is also in a good moment in his career. He's recently been promoted as member of Leo Burnett's Worldwide Creative Board.

In the meantime, the City's Secretary of Health is promoting a prevention campaign against bats.

Yes, as in many major cities skies', there are bats in BA, and the city seems to have taken the matter very seriously.

Bats, they say, are not dangerous, but if they bitten by one, you can get rabies or some disease like that.

I took it seriously too. So a couple of nights ago, when a baby bat entered my house I took no chances. He didn't want to go, no matter how hard I hit him with a broom.

So, I called a friend of mine, in the San Isidro Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade. They came, put on their Kevlar gloves, took the animal and threw him by the window.

"Oops, he was hurt", major Juan Tablada said to me, as we watched the poor animal falling thirteen stories down to the street floor.

So, to close this post, and on a personal note, a small homage to all firemen around the world: here is the San Isidro Fire Rescue in action, in a video I made some week ago with my cellphone.

Hasta la vista !

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