The Buenos Aires Cultural Landscape

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Julio Bocca
Julio Bocca
Of them all, Borges is possibly the best known around the world. Here's his wikilink and a picture of him taken in 1969 in the lobby of the Hotel des Beaux Arts in Paris, the place where Oscar Wilde died and where Borges himself chose to.

The contemporary cultural environment in BA, which includes theater, cinema, exhibitions and expositions is one of the reasons because almost two million visitors have come to the city last year.

Buenos Aires is one of the many cities in the world that call itself "the city that never sleeps". This saying is nowhere seen as in its Corrientes Avenue, in which theaters are open from 8.00 pm to 4.00 am, and libraries are usually open 24/7.

In the past month, two cultural events took place that are worthy of mentioning:

The world-acclaimed dancer Julio Bocca retired from dancing at age forty. After rounding the world with the Ballet Argentino performers, "Julio," as he is known around here, said goodbye with a mega show in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires.

More than 500,000 people crowded the 9 de Julio Avenue (the world's largest) to see the artist, who staged a four hour show, accompanied by many of Argentina's and Latin America artists.

These are some pictures from Julio's performance, and videos if you want to find out more.

There was also another welcome-goodbye event, with the pop music group Soda Stereo. Soda, as it is usually known here, is one of Argentina's and Latin America's most famous groups. It said farewell ten years ago, with its musicians leaving to follow their personal careers. And on December 2007, they decided to stage a comeback tour and then disband again.

There were no new albums, no new songs, just the oldies and goldies their public were anxious to hear once again. And they did: Soda filled the River Plate soccer stadium five times, amounting to some 250,000 people in total. And they gave several shows in many Latin America cities. For those of you that wish to know more about Soda, here is a link to their site. And if you want to share the excitement of the show itself, here is a video link.

So, this is all for today. Next, we'll get back to business on the who's and what's of the advertising creative scene.

Hasta la vista!

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