Buenos Aires Fashion Week

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The Buenos Aires Fashion Week; or BAF, as it is usually called, is the most important national fashion meeting; a space where independent brands and designers gather to present the launching of their Autumn Winter '08 collections.

BAF's objective is to encourage the textile industry to position Buenos Aires as fashion capital in the international calendar, looking forward, at the same time, to stimulating the development of the area and the meeting of the main actors of the industry.

The event convoked outstanding role models of the fashion world, at a multispace which held three runways for 30 fashion shows and 40 showrooms for the designers to show their collections at an exclusive space.

The BAF showed the work of many argentine and international brands like Ayres, Wanama, PrĂ¼ne, A. Y. Not Dead, Adidas, Kukla, Kostume, Lacoste, Rapsodia; but also—and for me most interesting—the work from many young and talented designers like Cecilia Gadea, Mariana Dappiano, Vero Ivaldi, Mariano Toledo, Flavia Martini, Cora Groppo, Araceli Pourcel, Ricky Sarkany and Nadine Zlotogora.

From our point of view, I think that the most outstanding work came from the design students of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), who won the "Semillero Uba—Baf Week" contest, which gave them the opportunity to present their designs on the runway.

"Semillero" is the place where you store seeds, pretty much like the barn; but the expression is used in Spanish to point a place where new talent is growing.

The initiative's idea is to support the new talents through an action that encourages the development and diffusion of fashion contents.

Here, some work from the best Argentine brands and designers. And also, some of our most beautiful models!

Hope you enjoy it. Hasta la vista !

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