Buenos Aires Says: I Love You; Now Quit It!!!!!!!

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How did you guys pass Valentine's Day?

Here are two campaigns from ad agencies BBDO and Publicis Grafitti pointing to two very different ways to see the "day of love."

The first campaign, made for cellphone company Movistar by Publicis Graffiti and its new creative director Diego "Pico" Livachoff highlight how hard it is to say the simple words "I love you."

"Saying it is scary. Just say it anyway," says Movistar in its tagline.

Here are some posters for the campaign.
MoviStar's Scary Valentine
MoviStar's Scary Valentine
Second is this TV spot made up by BBDO for its client Paso de los Toros, a soft drink.

"Enough of that sweetness," says the tagline. "Being sweet doesn't quench thirst."

Two simple, intelligent ways to see the same day. Hope you enjoy it; hasta la vista ! Pato Read more from Worldview: Buenos Aires
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