Buenos Aires Summer 2008 (Number one in a series).

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Buenos Aires is in the middle of the summer these days. Which is good for me at some point, because women use miniskirts, which make life a lot easier. But it also means lots of heat and sweating.

And many people rush to the beaches, some 400 kilometers (about 200 miles or so) from the city. It's countless hours in the car just to get your feet on the sand. Cities like Pinamar, Miramar, Mar del Plata or Villa Gessell get crowded with hundreds of people searching for a good tan, some refreshment, seafood and of course, women in bikinis (or men in bathing suits, if the vacationers are women).

Some others, like myself, go to our neighboring country Uruguay, to the beautiful beaches of Punta del Este.

So, in these next days I'll be sending you a couple of TV commercials using the summer as inspiration.

This one is from BBDO for its client 7Up. The singer tells a story about people that live their life happily, without troubles. The girl we see dancing, traded her boyfriend a marriage proposal for a week out in Fortaleza, Brasil; the grandfather we see dancing proposed himself to a girl 60 years younger and the guy with his friends celebrating; well...he just chose his friends over his girlfriend.

Aimed at a teenage audience, the folks in BBDO say the 7Up theme song is bound to become Advertising's Musical Hit of Summer 2008.
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