The tornado in the Rio de la Plata

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Last Sunday, a strange and unexpected phenomenon took place in the coast of Buenos Aires, located beside world's largest river, the Rio de la Plata (or River Plate).

Mother nature got creative, and produced a tornado, like the ones you see in Kansas or midwest US; only that these beautiful yet dangerous phenomenons have never before been seen over here.

We have big storms; water surges; even some coastal flooding, but never before a tornado.

Luckily none was hurt, even though some windsurfers had to be pulled away from the water by the Coast Guard. Authorities also reported at least one 911 call to report the phenomenon (can you believe it ???), that of course prompted no response from the police or fire dept.

The images I'm sharing with you were taken from the coastal suburban district of San Isidro and Olivos. The one pic. you see with the boats in the foreground were actually taken at some fifteen blocks away from my place.

There is also an amateur video, as was seen on BA's TV:

The most interesting thing about what happened is that all images, either in video or photographs were taken by amateurs or bystanders.

All the huge news coverage the tornado brought was produced entirely by bystanders that took the pictures withe their cellphones and posted them in Facebook or You Tube to share with their friends and family.

I guess that tells us a lot about how technology and the web 2.0 is changing our life, work and media landscape.

Well, that was just a pause to provide you with a hint of things going on around here; tomorrow we'll move to the Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA), for a truly great exposition.

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