2000 Women to Watch

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WtW 2000 dateline
xxx Alicia Smith Kriese, GSD&M
Basketball Fan Scores Points for New Agency Clients
xxx LaJeanna McKnight, Ebony
Exec Makes Inclusion Her Advertising Mantra
xxx Jeannine Shao Collins, Better Homes & Gardens
'BH&G' Publisher Wins 'in an Endearing Way'
xxx Cleary Simpson, Sports Illustrated
'SI' Brand Goes on an Expansion Kick
xxx Suzan Harrison,Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Colgate Brushes Up for Fight
xxx Julie Roehm, Ford Motor Co.
Car Manager Focuses on Young Trendsetters
xxx Susan Arnold, Procter & Gamble Co.
Skincare Chief Pushing P&G Forward
xxx Linda DeJesus, Bravo Group
Expertise Shows Way to Grow Business
xxx Janine Bousquette, eToys
Full Calendar Has eToys Hopping
xxx Virginia Kent, Reflect.com
Agile Response Keeps Dot-Com Fresh
xxx Bobbi Silten, Levi Strauss & Co.
Portrayal of Women Gets Timely Update
xxx Christy Haubegger, 'Latina' Magazine
Publisher Opens Door to Hispanic Women
xxx Elizabeth DeMaso, Deutsch
Exec Drives Business Development
xxx Maura C. Breen, Bell Atlantic Corp.
Bell Atlantic Goes Gunning for Top Telcos
xxx Kyle Daley, Merkley Newman Harty
'Shop Set to Explode,' Exec Makes Her Move
xxx Carol Pilon Osborne, Cox Target Media
Targeted Media Chief Finds 'Power Slot'
xxx Wendy Marquardt, Zenith Media Services
Zenith Star Makes Sharp Presentation
xxx Chris Hansen, The Limited's Lane Bryant
Changing the Shape of Apparel Market
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