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Due to the closure of U.S. stock markets after the World Trade Center attack, Advertising Age and Bloomberg's AdMarket 50 index will not be published this week. The following is a representative list of agency, media and advertiser stocks traded in overseas markets. Some multinational companies, such as WPP Group, Sony Corp. and DaimlerChrysler, also are traded in the U.S.

9/14 Week

Market close1 % change2


Aegis Group London $12.88 -12.46%

Cordiant Comms. London $1.84 -18.83%

Havas Advertising Paris $6.91 -15.85%

Publicis Groupe Paris $15.76 -28.71%

Tempus Group London $8.31 -2.17%

WPP Group London $8.18 -15.4%


Lagardere SCA Paris $33.34 -24.39%

News Corp. Sydney $7.02 -9.07%

Reed International London $7.92 -2.71%

Thompson Corp. Toronto $29.33 -8.02%

Vivendi Universal Paris $38.05 -17.43%

VNU Amsterdam $26.62 -15.02%


Bayer AG Frankfurt $27.77 -13.86%

Beiersdorf AG Frankfurt $115.12 -2.27%

B.A.T. Industries London $8.62 -1.84%

British Petroleum London $8.22 -2.53%

DaimlerChrysler AG Frankfurt $32 -22.95%

Deutsche Telekom AG Frankfurt $13.64 -0.54%

Diageo London $9.81 -5.32%

Ericsson Stockholm $34.26 -7.23%

Glaxo SmithKline London $25.77 +1.72%

HSBC London $10.10 -9.62%

Honda Motor Co. Tokyo $36.66 -10.6%

L'Oreal S.A. Paris $64.47 -12.39%

Mitsubishi Motor Co. Tokyo $2.28 -12.75%

Nestle S.A. Frankfurt $210.98 +2.69%

Nissan Motor Co. Tokyo $5.24 -8.9%

Novartis Dusseldorf $35.93 -1.02%

Philips Electronics Amsterdam $17.99 -24.51%

Roche Holdings Frankfurt $78.31 -2.82%

Sony Corp. Tokyo $39.05 -9.31%

Toyota Motor Co. Tokyo $27.28 -13.51%

Unilever NV Amsterdam $57.72 -4.4%

Volkswagen AG Frankfurt $37.04 -19.68%

1. Currencies converted at $1.47/Pound, $0.92/Euro, $0.01/Yen, $0.52/$Aus, $0.64/$Canada

2. Change from 9/07 close

U.S. financial markets closed Sept. 11 after the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, with the New York Stock Exchange expected to resume trading this week. This will be the market's longest shutdown since a four-month hiatus during World War I.

The overseas markets felt the aftershocks of the attack, particularly the Japanese market, which is already in the grip of a recession; the Tokyo Stock Exchange hit a 17-year low Sept. 12. Some markets, notably the London Stock Exchange, rallied at week's end, but foreign investors were cautious pending resumption of trading in New York.

Marketers of consumer staples performed well as investors looked for security in the uncertain markets. Glaxo SmithKline and Nestle S.A. rose slightly during the week, and Unilever, Novartis and Roche Holdings were only down slightly. Most pharmaceutical companies held well, with the exception of Bayer AG, which disappointed stockholders when it announced it would not sell its drug arm and concentrate on chemicals.

Agency companies were hard hit, with the exception of Tempus Group. The media buyer's stock managed to hold its ground, buoyed by the ongoing takeover fight between WPP Group and Havas Advertising.

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