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Those who sit in publishing's corner offices are a wary bunch these days. Here and in the following pages, their views on next year.

Cathleen Black

President, Hearst Magazines

"I'm not sure when there will be an upturn, but it won't be anytime soon."

Don Logan

Chairman-CEO, Time Inc.

"We expect to have a shortfall for the fourth quarter as a result of Sept. 11. We don't know the magnitude."

Dan Brewster

President-CEO, Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing

"There is bound to be a shakeout, no question. And that will come at a faster pace than it ever has."

Steve Murphy

President, Rodale

"We're all like those guys in the submarine movies, where they have to turn all the lights out and hope the depth charges miss."

Steven T. Florio

President-CEO, Conde Nast Publications

"We did see a fair amount of [ad] cancellations for the fourth quarter...The week after [Sept. 11] we had hundreds of pages cancel."

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