Learn the Works, Then Take Over Marketing

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Jami Dover built her career at Intel Corp. in production control, planning and logistics. So what's she doing now? Running marketing.

In typical Intel fashion, Intel VP Dennis Carter plucked Ms. Dover into his corporate marketing staff five years ago, ignoring the resume and focusing instead on Ms. Dover's brains, drive and discipline. Mr. Carter calls her the most organized person he's ever met.

"That's a polite way of saying I'm a control freak," says Ms. Dover, 40, who last April became VP-director of worldwide marketing operations. Organization is a good attribute for someone with $900 million to spend on advertising. That budget -- mostly "Intel inside" co-op money given to PC makers -- makes Intel the world's largest tech ad spender.

Ms. Dover says she believes her diverse Intel experience is an advantage; in her off-hours, she has volunteered as a test floor supervisor and done some design work on integrated circuits. She credits Intel Chairman Andy Grove and Mr. Carter, the patriarch of Intel marketing, with giving her an education in how to market technology.

Ms. Dover says she has no specific target for her next move, but she admits where her loyalties lie.

"My blood probably runs Pantone 285, which is Intel blue," she says. Same no doubt goes for her husband, Intel VP Steve Nachtsheim, and their 2-year-old daughter -- a child definitely born with a chip on her shoulder.

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