Jeffrey Houze

Entertainment Weekly got a big boost from ``Star Trek'' but too many scandalized celebs sunk one issue. People's O.J. Simpson covers were a newsstand staple but prodigal daughter of tennis Jennifer Capriati failed to serve up readers. Rating mutual funds made points for Business Week, unlike its ``China'' cover. Julias covered the gamut of Redbook covers, with Ms. Roberts topping sales, and Ms. Louis-Dreyfus dragging them down. Christian Slater got the girls for Premiere, unlike established superstars Nicholson and Pfeiffer. Jackie O's death doubled newsstand sales of Newsweek while ``Bosnia's Anne Frank'' came in at the bottom. Ethan Hawke was a hit for Details unlike alternative rocker Morrissey. DEATH PUTS SOME LIFE IN MAGAZINE COVERS BUT STARS LIKE NICHOLSON & RYDER DON'T AUTOMATICALLY TRANSLATE INTO NEWSSTAND SALES

10.24.94 @ 12:00 AM EDT