Vanessa Kentris Smith

Vanessa Kentris Smith bio image
Managing Director, tms

Leading, growing and unleashing the brilliance of her team is at the forefront of everything Vanessa does as Managing Director of tms. She has spent the last 20 years developing innovative business solutions that drive customer loyalty, with a focus on designing breakthrough customer engagements and experiences across complex ecosystems. Vanessa is particularly passionate about the work she does to bring tms’s unique perspective on engagement to the industry at large. 

As an Account Director turned Managing Director, Vanessa is adept at getting the best work out of the brightest talent. Influenced by her personal experiences and the social movements of today, she aspires to bring transformational equity and diversity to agency culture, all while creating the ideas of tomorrow.

What makes Vanessa smile? The simple things, like the first sip of a good Bordeaux.