Mona Lisa Farrokhnia

Senior Content Producer

Title Medium Date
Important PSA From Samsung: Don't Let the Smartphone Version of Farmer's Tan Happen to You Video Jul 24, 2017

Junior Producer

Title Medium Date
Bud Light : Don Video Jan 20, 2014
Bud Light : Reggie Mic Video Jan 20, 2014
Bud Light Taps Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle For Super Bowl Video Jan 20, 2014
Bud Light : Arnold Warmup Video Jan 20, 2014
Foot Locker : Harden's Entourage Video Feb 21, 2013
Foot Locker : Neighborhood Kids Video Feb 06, 2013


Title Medium Date
A Tax Day Injustice, Brought to You by Snickers Web Film Apr 13, 2015
Bud Light Gave One Man an Epic Night with Arnold Schwarznegger, Don Cheadle, and a Llama Video Feb 02, 2014