Audio House

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McDonald's : Grown Up Video May 12, 2018

Sound House

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Ikea's blue bag holds new wonders for a dull tea party Video Aug 29, 2018
A dull ghost party gets way more lively with the help of Ikea textiles Video Apr 16, 2018
Surfer Lisa Andersen scales a giant wave in No7 spot about defying age Video Apr 10, 2018
Spot the Pink Kitten That Matters in This Trippy Road Safety Ad Aimed at Young Drivers Video Oct 25, 2017
A Lazy Lion's Natural Habitat Is the Sofa in Ikea's Funny Ad Video Jul 13, 2017

Audio Post Production Company

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You can't call people giants: Lucozade puts a PC spin on 'David and Goliath' Video Apr 23, 2018
Robinsons Debuts Adult Squash With Campaign Fronted by a Feisty Little Girl Video Jan 23, 2018
Pick of the Day: Asda's Christmas Spot Is a 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' of Festive Food Video Nov 06, 2017
Domino's (U.K.) : Oven Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's (U.K.) : Keeley Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's (U.K.) : Anniversary Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's (U.K.) : Fam Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's Positions Itself as the 'Official' Food for Everything Video Sep 25, 2017

Sound Company

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Best of 2018 TV/Film No. 5: Nike Honors London Athletes in This Insane, Frenetic Tale of Oneupsmanship Video Jun 21, 2018
This VW Film Gives a Nervous Best Man a Second Chance to Make His Speech Web Film Aug 30, 2017
Honda's Dazzling Multimedia Ad Is a Love Letter to Filmmaking Web Film Jul 18, 2017
Hodor Lives On in This 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Ad for KFC Video Jul 07, 2017
Sainsbury's Captures the Joy of 'Food Dancing' in First Work From W&K London Video Jan 17, 2017

Sound Director

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Nokia Appeals to Nostalgia in This Sweet Spot Starring Its Chunky Handsets Video Mar 06, 2018
Marks & Spencer's Back-to-School Ad May Make Your Heart Melt a Little Bit Web Film Aug 17, 2017

Sound Studio

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'Power' gets a whole new meaning in this ad for Fridge Raiders Video Jul 24, 2018
Action Man Strips in Mother London's Swansong Ad for MoneySupermarket Video Mar 08, 2018
Escape Twitter With Your Chocolate, Says Mars-Owned Galaxy / Dove Spot Video Sep 05, 2017

Sound Design

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Mariah Carey enjoys the not-so-high life in Hostelworld's funny ad Video Apr 09, 2018
This Volvo Ad Set to a Haunting Cover of 'My Favorite Things' Is All About NOT Owning a Car Video Jan 26, 2018
Reindeer Get Their Christmas Treats From the Golden Arches in McDonald's Holiday Ad Video Nov 17, 2017
Bose : Bliss Video Nov 01, 2017
Bose : Hope Video Nov 01, 2017
Bose : Young Video Nov 01, 2017
Virgin Atlantic Wants People to Crowdfund Flights for Christmas Instead of Buying Gifts Interactive Oct 25, 2017

Recording Studio

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After its chicken crisis, KFC makes its U.K. 'comeback' with a heroic Colonel Sanders Video May 25, 2018

Audio Post Production

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Halifax remakes 'Ghostbusters' in its latest banking mash-up Video Aug 13, 2018
Boundary-breaking ad by Libresse wins the Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix at Cannes Web Film Jun 22, 2018
Paper planes are a metaphor for communication in BT's latest spot Video May 18, 2018
A mortage advisor crashes 'The Wizard of Oz' in ad for Halifax Video Apr 30, 2018
Marmite Creates a 'Gene Test' to Prove If You're Born Loving or Hating It Video Sep 07, 2017
Superdry's Fast-Paced Repositioning Film Is All About Adventure-Filled Nights Video May 26, 2017