Alaina Crystal

Agency Partner

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These Sanitary Pad-Shaped Bandages Are Designed to Remove the Stigma Around Periods Print Ad Oct 10, 2017

Senior Planner

Title Medium Date
Twix : Right Twix Taste Montage Video Mar 10, 2016
Left Twix or Right Twix? America Will Decide Social Media Mar 10, 2016
Snickers Designs Ridiculous Products for Your Combined Hunger Symptoms Video Mar 07, 2016
Remix 'Candyman' to Celebrate 75 Years of M&Ms Video Mar 02, 2016
Find Out Who's Playing Marilyn in the Snickers Super Bowl Ad Super Bowl Feb 03, 2016
Who's the Man Playing Marilyn in Snickers' Super Bowl 50 Teaser? Web Film Jan 26, 2016
Precocious Girls Prank Unsuspecting Adults in Cute Barbie Campaign Web Film Oct 09, 2015
A Tax Day Injustice, Brought to You by Snickers Web Film Apr 13, 2015

Planning Director

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A Woman Ages Vibrantly Through Her Impulsive, Chocolate-Eating Life in This Dove Ad Video Aug 22, 2016
Snickers Freaks Out Marilyn Monroe Oglers With Funny Digital Billboard Print Ad Jun 03, 2016

Agency Planner

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Guinness pays tribute to Japan's female rugby pioneers in uplifting World Cup film TV Campaign Aug 15, 2019
Having it all is overwhelming for the woman in this Galaxy chocolate ad TV Campaign Aug 08, 2019
Snickers Took Over a Whole TV Channel and Made It Act Out of Character Video Oct 27, 2017
Spot the Pink Kitten That Matters in This Trippy Road Safety Ad Aimed at Young Drivers Video Oct 25, 2017
National Lottery : Life-Changing Video Jun 11, 2012

Creative Planner

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Sports Illustrated's Bikini Issue Cover Is All Messed Up, Thanks to Snickers Photography Feb 17, 2016
Danny Trejo Is Marcia, But Who's Jan? Video Jan 28, 2015