Armando Samuels

Creative Director/ Copywriter

Title Medium Date
State Farm: Coupon Video Apr 04, 2016
State Farm: Droppin' Dimes Video Feb 12, 2016
State Farm: Hawks and Hornets Video Dec 29, 2015
State Farm: Robbed Video Dec 29, 2015
State Farm: Meet the Hoopers Video Dec 29, 2015
NBA: Anticipation Video Oct 27, 2015
NBA: This Is Why We Play Video Oct 13, 2015

Senior Writer

Title Medium Date
Activision Asks You to Save Lattes, Puppies and Binge Watching in Funny Destiny 2 Trailer Video Aug 31, 2017

Senior Creative

Title Medium Date
Pro Ballers Return to College Glory Days During March Madness Video Mar 25, 2015
NBA : The Dance Never Ends - Russell Westbrook Video Mar 25, 2015
NBA: The Dance Never Ends - Stephen Curry Video Mar 24, 2015

Senior Copywriter

Title Medium Date
Real Ronald McDonalds Shill Taco Bell Breakfast Video Mar 27, 2014

Group Creative Director

Title Medium Date
NBA: Hands Video Jan 19, 2016


Title Medium Date
Pepsi Max : Check Out -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 29, 2012
Pepsi : Music Icons Music Video Sep 21, 2011