Brian Smith

VP Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
JetBlue will wrap you up as a present and send you home for the holidays Contest / Sweepstakes Dec 12, 2018

VP, Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Burger King’s 'Real Meals' are designed for people who aren't happy all the time Packaging May 01, 2019
The latest KFC Colonel is--The King? Feb 22, 2019

Creative Director/ Copywriter

Title Medium Date
The United Church of Canada : Joints Images Jun 19, 2009

Vice President, Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
JetBlue's pizza delivery service brings NYC pies all the way to Los Angeles Video May 08, 2018

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Gametap : Mexican Puppet Show Video Nov 29, 2005
Gametap : Sonic Latte Video Nov 29, 2005


Title Medium Date
Westin Hotels : Feathers Video Nov 10, 2011
Westin Hotels : Confetti Video Nov 10, 2011
ClearNet : Yappy Bird Video Sep 27, 2000
ClearNet : Birthday Bug Video Sep 27, 2000

Creative Director

Title Medium Date : E-Z Answer Squirrel Video Dec 11, 2006