Chris Hepburn

Chief Production Officer

Title Medium Date
NBC: Seeso - I See Funny People Video Dec 03, 2015
NBC Universal: Seeso - You Get It Video Oct 22, 2015
Homer Simpson, Scooby Doo and Doctor Who Join an Incredible Cast in Lego Dimensions Ad Web Film Sep 17, 2015

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
'Be the Batman,' Urges Gritty Trailer for Warner Brothers' Arkham Knight Video May 27, 2015
Warner Brothers Games: Mortal Kombat X - Fight! Video Mar 31, 2015

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Mike's Harder : Clay Video May 12, 2016
Mike's Harder : Bread Video May 12, 2016
Mike's Harder Campaign Has 'Phallic' Written All Over It Video May 12, 2016