Crissy deSimone

Editorial Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Dark Necessities Video Jun 23, 2016

Editorial Producer

Title Medium Date
Boost Mobile : Pigs Video Mar 01, 2009
Burger King : Makeout Point Video Aug 18, 2008
Burger King : Motel Video Aug 18, 2008

Executive Producer of Editorial

Title Medium Date
Burger King : Whopper Virgins Video Feb 25, 2009
Burger King : Whopper Freakout Cutdown Video Jun 06, 2008
Burger King : Whopper Freakout Video Dec 16, 2007
Finish Line/Nike : Concert Video Aug 07, 2007

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Jason Bateman is an elevator operator in Hyundai's Super Bowl ad
TV Commercial Jan 30, 2019
Marshawn Lynch steps off the field to knock some sense into phone addicts TV Commercial Dec 04, 2018
The best part of waking up is NFL's 'Gameday Morning' in your cup TV Commercial Oct 23, 2018
DJ Khaled: I Got the Keys Video Jul 11, 2016
Peter Stormare Returns as Call of Duty's 'The Replacer,' and He's got Backup Web Film Apr 07, 2013