Title Medium Date
There's no shortage of blood, sweat and tears in Under Armour's gritty new campaign TV Commercial Sep 27, 2018
Serena Williams recites LL Cool J's 'Mama Said Knock You Out' in ad for Chase Video Aug 23, 2018
Issa Rae and her real best friends throw shade for CoverGirl Web Film Jul 17, 2018
CoverGirl answers Rihanna with 40 shades and lots of credits Web Film Jul 02, 2018
ESPN tips off new global campaign with Droga5 Web Film May 09, 2018
The Rock is Under Armour's 'motivator to the masses' in global-minded campaign Video Apr 19, 2018
Dos Equis Sidelines the Most Interesting Man in the World Video Mar 13, 2018
Ancestry Digs Into the Diverse DNA of Hockey Players Ahead of the Winter Games Video Feb 09, 2018
The Ad Council Asks You to 'Seize the Awkward' in Comedic Suicide Prevention PSAs Video Jan 19, 2018
Barnardo's : The Awkward Silence Friendship Video Jan 19, 2018
Pilots are Pancake Obsessed in Droga5's First Work for IHOP Video Jan 02, 2018
Pick of the Day: CNBC Grilled Candidates in a Glass Box in New York to Promote Its Show 'The Job Interview' Stunt Nov 07, 2017
All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Google Pixel 2 Is in This Fun, Zippy Film Video Nov 07, 2017
Issa Rae and Katy Perry Are Among CoverGirl's Diverse Crew of Real-Life Models in Relaunch Campaign Video Oct 10, 2017
MailChimp Offers You a Second Brain (via a Very Nervous Pitch Person) Video Sep 27, 2017
MailChimp : The Brain Welcomes New Subscribers Video Sep 27, 2017
MailChimp : The Brain Retargets Site Visitors with Google Ads Video Sep 27, 2017
MailChimp : The Brain Rewards Best Customers Video Sep 27, 2017
MailChimp : The Brain Recovers Abandoned Shopping Carts Video Sep 27, 2017
MailChimp : The Brain Finds A New Audience with Facebook Ads Video Sep 27, 2017
The Y Takes a Long Hard Look at a Divided America in a Powerfully Political Spot Video Sep 25, 2017
Quilted Northern Just Held a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Video Jul 21, 2017
Ancestry.com Highlights the Diversity of Descendants of Declaration Signers Video Jun 29, 2017
New York Times Journalists Take Center Stage in Latest Ads From 'The Truth Is Hard' Campaign Photography Apr 21, 2017
From FailChips to SnailPrimp, MailChimp Reveals Other Fake Brands From Its Campaign Web Film Feb 21, 2017
MailChimp Plays With Its Name Again, This Time, by Creating a New Band Web Film Feb 16, 2017
Google Pixel Pays Its Own Tribute to Prince During the Grammys Video Feb 13, 2017
Best of 2017 Integrated/Interactive--No.5: These Bizarre Short Films Play on MailChimp's Name in Truly Surreal Ways Video Jan 23, 2017
Design and 3D Print Your Own Coffee Stopper With Dixie's 'Crushtomizer' Interactive Jan 18, 2017
Johnsonville Creates a Sausage-Cooking Reality Show Ahead of the Super Bowl Video Jan 12, 2017
Nature's Bounty Users Meet Their Future Selves in Ads With a Quirky Touch Video Oct 10, 2016
Johnsonville Is Giving Out Sausage Advice on a Dedicated Support Line Web Film Sep 28, 2016
Quilted Northern Created Mini Pop-Up Stores to Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day Video Aug 26, 2016
Johnsonville : Bratsgiving Print Ad Aug 17, 2016
Johnsonville Introduces the Santa Claus of Sausage, Carl the Great Bratsgiver Video Aug 17, 2016
Shock, Horror! You Can't Use Your Phone at Dixie's Pop-Up 'Deadzone Diners' Miscellaneous Aug 17, 2016
Dixie Calls for End to 'Salad Shaming' in Funny Fourth of July Spot Video Jul 01, 2016
Hennessy : Mastered From Chaos Site Web Film Jun 30, 2016
Hennessy Shows How VSOP Privilege Is Crafted With a Stylish Interactive Site Web Film Jun 30, 2016
Xfinity Launches Comedy Web Series With 'Catastrophe' Creator Sharon Horgan Video Jun 21, 2016
DJ Khaled Fronts a Snapchat Talk Show in Droga5's First Big Push for T-Mobile Social Media Jun 07, 2016
Clearasil Admits It Has No Clue How to Talk to Teens Video May 20, 2016
Droga5 Turns Sundown Naturals 'Shmorange' Video Apr 25, 2016
Under Armour Is Releasing an Ad Every Time Steph Curry Makes a 3-Pointer Social Media Apr 19, 2016
Chase Taps Ellie Kemper in Campaign for New Freedom Unlimited Card Video Apr 19, 2016
Under Armour and The Rock Remind Us That Technology Can't Do Everything Video Apr 18, 2016
Dwayne Johnson Wants to Help You Achieve Greatness With His 'Project Rock' Brand Print Ad Mar 03, 2016
Rock, Paper and Scissors Make Friends in Android's Oscars Spot Video Feb 29, 2016
Under Armour : Memphis Video Feb 23, 2016
Under Armour's Latest Badasses Are the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team Video Feb 23, 2016
What Would Happen if a Piano Played Only One Note? Android Tests It Out Video Feb 17, 2016
Osteo Bi-Flex : Made to Move: Yoga Video Jan 08, 2016
New Reason to Take Osteo-Bi-Flex: Embarassing Your Kids Video Jan 08, 2016
Under Armour Puts the Focus on Laces in its First Global Soccer Campaign Social Media Sep 22, 2015
Droga5's First Clearasil Ad Reminds Teens That Acne, Like Mom's Nagging, Won't Last Forever Video Jul 13, 2015
Google Has Basketball Lovers Shake on It in NBA-Themed Spot Video Feb 13, 2015
Air Wick Sends a Deployed Hero Whiffs of Home Web Film Dec 11, 2014
Droga5 Celebrates Rapper Nas' Legacy in Hennessy Spot Video Dec 03, 2014
'Drive Change': Toyota Champions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech in Beautifully Animated Short Video Sep 22, 2014
Behind the Scenes of Prudential's World-Record-Breaking 30-Foot-Tall Domino Topple Stunt Sep 16, 2014
Watch Prudential's World-Record-Breaking 30-Foot-Tall Domino Topple Stunt Sep 16, 2014
Extreme Multitasking Goes Hands-Free in Motorola Ad for New Earbud Video Sep 05, 2014
Elizabeth Hurley Runs Through All the Curse Words We Could Have Had Web Film Jul 03, 2014
If the Brits Had Won the War, We Could Have Had an Awesome Accent Video Jul 01, 2014
Toyota Taps Droga5 For New Creative on Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Vehicle Web Film Jun 26, 2014
Stephen Merchant On How Much Better Everything Would Be if The U.K. Had Won the War Video Jun 24, 2014
Moto E Launch Spot Shows Phone Does More than Just Change Colors Video May 22, 2014
Prudential Retiree Designs Cannes Fest Gown for Naomi Watts Interactive May 19, 2014
Spotify Taps Makes of Hit Social Media-Themed Film "Noah" to Create New Ads Web Film Apr 10, 2014
White House Enlists Droga5, Celeb Moms in Last-Minute Obamacare Push Web Film Mar 14, 2014
Stay Away From Your Phone for Ten Minutes and UNICEF Will Give Water to Kids in Need App Feb 20, 2014
Best of 2014 #2 TV/Film: Anna Kendrick Wonders if She's 'Beer Commercial' Hot in Newcastle's Super Bowl Ambush Web Film Jan 29, 2014
The Stars Who Could Have Been In Newcastle Brown's Super Bowl Ad Web Film Jan 29, 2014
A Raging Bear Breaks into a Grocery Store in Chobani's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 28, 2014
The Super Bowl Ad Newcastle Brown Would Have Made Web Film Jan 23, 2014
Droga5 Creatives Create Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle Game Game Jul 08, 2013
Spotify : Getting Weird Video Mar 25, 2013
Droga5 Unveils First-Ever Spotify Campaign Video Mar 25, 2013
Spotify : Her Song Video Mar 25, 2013
Droga5's Latest for Newcastle Takes the Piss out of Beer Drinking Video Mar 22, 2013
Newcastle : Hand Selected Video Mar 21, 2013
Newcastle : Great Times Video Mar 21, 2013
Newcastle : No Sound Video Mar 21, 2013
Newcastle : Neon Print Ad Mar 21, 2013
Newcastle : Big Machines Video Mar 21, 2013
UNICEF : Tap Project 2013 Social Media Mar 05, 2013
Puma : Love or Football Game Aug 14, 2012
Newcastle : No Bollocks - Miners Video Apr 13, 2012
V.B. : Raise a Glass 2012 Video Apr 11, 2012
UNICEF : Tap Project 2012: The Power of a Glass Video Feb 17, 2012
Kraft MilkBite : Teaser Video Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite : Lactose Tolerant Interactive Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite : Blind Date Video Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite : Parents Video Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite : Facebook Video Diary Interactive Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite : Milk It Interactive Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite : Book Club Video Feb 09, 2012
Puma : Pumagility Website Nov 17, 2011
Telstra : The Herd, Vickie Barnes and Telstra Support Legacy Songs Badge Print Ad Aug 31, 2011
Telstra : Legacy Songs Badge Print Ad Aug 31, 2011
Suave : Can You Tell? Contest / Sweepstakes Jul 22, 2011
Method/Virgin America : We're All In This Together Web Film Apr 07, 2011
UNICEF : Celebrity Tap - Selena Video Apr 05, 2011
UNICEF : Tap Project 2011 - Rihanna Print Ad Apr 05, 2011
UNICEF : Tap Project 2011 Site Interactive Apr 05, 2011
UNICEF : Celebrity Tap - Rihanna Video Apr 05, 2011
Puma : Recording Web Film Mar 08, 2011
Puma : Blam! Blam! Web Film Feb 22, 2011
Rihanna : Reb'l Fleur Web Film Feb 11, 2011
Activision's Golden Eye 007 : Proxymines.com App Oct 29, 2010
Puma/United Nations : Panda Outdoor / Out of Home Apr 14, 2010
Puma/United Nations : Facebook Outdoor / Out of Home Apr 14, 2010
Puma/United Nations : Fallen Tree Wood Outdoor / Out of Home Apr 14, 2010
TAP Project : Water Balloon Fight Video Mar 12, 2010