Enca Kaul

Executive Producer of Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
The Questions We Asked Revealed Who We Are in Google's 'Year in Search' Video Dec 16, 2015

Deputy Head of Production

Title Medium Date
D-Rose Doesn't Care About the Money or the Fame in New Adidas Basketball Spot Web Film Oct 02, 2013
Gatorade is Forrest Gump of Sports Drinks in Latest Spot Video Mar 10, 2013

Director, Production

Title Medium Date
Morgan Freeman Gets His Freak on in Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 30, 2018

Visual Effects Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Coke Invites Soccer Fans from Palestine and Japan to Watch the World Cup Video Apr 01, 2014

Visual Effects Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Dodge: Ahead of Their Time Video Nov 10, 2014

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
Nike Basketball : The Black Mamba Short Film Feb 21, 2011
Best Buy : Ozzy vs. Bieber Super Bowl Feb 05, 2011
Nike Basketball : Black Mamba Trailer 2 Web Film Jan 30, 2011
Nike Basketball : Black Mamba Trailer Web Film Jan 24, 2011

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Gatorade : Win from Within Video Jan 02, 2012

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
John Legend sings '3 is the magic number' for Gatorade's Dwyane Wade tribute TV Commercial Apr 10, 2019
An Audi Coupe Breathes Life Back Into a Dying Man in Brand's Latest Spot Video Feb 21, 2018
Old Spice Debuts An Ad in French During the Grammys--But What Does it Mean? Video Jan 27, 2018
Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Face Off in Doritos and Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Tie-Up Video Jan 17, 2018
A Home Security System Gives You a Glimpse Into Terror in This Frightening Xfinity Film Short Film Oct 26, 2017
An Immigrant Great-Grandmother's Education Pays Off Over Generations in Heart-Tugger From University of Phoenix Video Aug 08, 2017
Moms Are Back in Another Olympics Tear-Jerker From P&G Video Apr 27, 2016
And Now, an Inspiring Message From Leo Messi Video Feb 23, 2016
Heinz's Super Bowl Ad Is a Surreal Weiner Stampede Super Bowl Feb 01, 2016
Old Spice : Rocket Car Video Jan 07, 2016
Move Over Mustafa: Old Spice Introduces 'Legendary Man' Video Jan 06, 2016
Dollar Shave Club: Razor Esapes Video Sep 04, 2015
Christie Brinkley Has Cameo in Infiniti's 'National Lampoon Vacation' Themed Ad Video Jul 07, 2015
Gatorade Makes Sweat Look Incredible in a Tribute to Tenacity Video May 14, 2015
Parents, This Studious Kid Will Scare the Crap Out of You Video Mar 18, 2015
Lost Pet? No Problem. A Digital Native Locates His Iguana With the Help of HP Social Media Oct 07, 2014
It's Jeter's New York in Gatorade's Uplifting Tribute Ad Video Sep 18, 2014
Goodby and Grupo Gallegos Tag Team on New 'One Market' Campaign for Milk Video Aug 20, 2014
Gatorade: Sweat it to Get It-Slap Ft. Cam Newton Video Aug 18, 2014
Peyton Manning and Cam Newton Make People Sweat in New Gatorade Campaign Viral / Guerrilla Aug 18, 2014
Burger King's Subservient Chicken is Subservient No More Video Apr 30, 2014
ScarJo Hawks SodaStream, Sexily, in Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 27, 2014

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Heart FM : Windsocks Video Oct 08, 2007
The Big Yellow Self Storage Company : Tide Video Apr 23, 2007


Title Medium Date
Volkswagen : Sunny Side Web Film Jan 23, 2013
Comedy Central : Hawks Video Jan 07, 2013
P&G : Kids Video Jul 10, 2012
P&G/Olympics : Best Job -- Best of 2012 TV #2 Web Film Apr 16, 2012
Honda : Matthew's Day Off -- Super Bowl XLVI Web Film Jan 29, 2012
AARP : Get Over It Video May 22, 2011
Gatorade G2 : Float Video Mar 11, 2010