Gigi Ng

Visual Effects Team

Title Medium Date
Reindeer Help Deliver the Beer in Holiday Ad From Stella Artois Video Nov 07, 2016


Title Medium Date
Absolut and Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki Whisk You Through History at Breakneck Speed Video Sep 14, 2017

Creative Director/Lead Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Soccer-Crazy Fans Debate Global Issues in ESPN's World Cup Spot Web Film May 02, 2014

Lead Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
E*TRADE : Cat Super Bowl Feb 05, 2011
E*TRADE : Tailor Super Bowl Feb 05, 2011

Flame Assistant

Title Medium Date
Budweiser : Bridge Super Bowl Jan 28, 2010
City Harvest : Apples Web Film Nov 22, 2009
Fathead : Urlacher Video Nov 14, 2007

Nuke Artist

Title Medium Date
Daft Punk : Derezzed Music Video Dec 12, 2010


Title Medium Date
My Morning Jacket : Outta My System Music Video Aug 06, 2012

2D Artist

Title Medium Date
Red Bull Stratos : Opening Titles Video Jun 28, 2010


Title Medium Date
Shell: Born from Natural Gas Video May 13, 2014

Smoke Artist

Title Medium Date
AT&T : Birthday Video Apr 07, 2010