Jason Kreher


Title Medium Date
This Fun, Trippy Short Film Subverts All the Detective Noir Cliches Video Aug 24, 2017


Title Medium Date
A Dog and His Owner See Life a Lot Differently in Coke's Delightful Animated Spot Web Film Apr 29, 2015
Old Spice Hair Plays Huey Lewis Tunes For You Website Feb 18, 2014
Old Spice Makes Your Hair Come Alive, Literally, in New Ads Via W+K Video Jan 27, 2014
Old Spice Hair Literally Comes Alive and 'Gets Results' in New W+K Effort Video Jan 27, 2014
Old Spice : I Will Live Forever Video Jul 22, 2012
Old Spice : Smellf Rich Media 1 Interactive Apr 22, 2012
Old Spice : Smellf Rich Media 2 Interactive Apr 22, 2012
Old Spice : Smellf Rich Media 3 Interactive Apr 22, 2012
Old Spice : Newton vs. The Horde Game May 03, 2010
Old Spice : Matterhorn Video Mar 16, 2010
CareerBuilder.com : Anonymous Tip Giver Interactive Jan 29, 2009
Heineken : Home Bars Video Jun 11, 2008
MTV : Rob and Big Video Oct 23, 2006
Jaguar : XKR Launch Video Sep 13, 2006

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Portugal.The Man's brilliant, disturbing claymation video is definitely not for kids Music Video Oct 16, 2018
Oregon Looks Like Something Out of a Miyazaki Film in This Magical Travel Ad Video Mar 13, 2018
Colonel Sanders Gives GPS Directions Via Cassette Tape in KFC's Latest Stunt Video Sep 21, 2017
KFC's 'Big Chicken' Comes to Life in This Delightful Animated Tale Web Film Aug 07, 2017
KFC : New Bucket Print Ad Aug 01, 2017
KFC's New Colonel Sanders Is the Old Colonel Sanders Video Aug 01, 2017
KFC : Original Colonel Sanders Video Aug 01, 2017
Best of 2017 Integrated/Interactive--No.4: Colonel Sanders Is the Fabio of KFC's Mother's Day Romance Novel Book May 04, 2017
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video Apr 21, 2017
KFC : Zinger Print Ad Apr 20, 2017
Rob Lowe Is KFC's New Colonel as It Plans to Send Sandwich Into Orbit Video Apr 20, 2017
KFC : Nashville Secret (Slideshow) Print Ad Oct 10, 2016
Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) Is KFC's Latest New Colonel Video Oct 10, 2016
KFC : Real Team Video Sep 08, 2016
KFC's New Comedic Colonel Sanders Is an Actual Colonel Video Sep 08, 2016
KFC Brings in an Extra-Bronzed George Hamilton to Play Extra Crispy Colonel Video Jun 23, 2016
Old Spice Throws All the Insanity of Its Previous Ads Into a 'Horrifying Mutant Nightmare Abomination' Video Jun 02, 2016
Jenna Has a Nightmarish Streaming Experience in Verizon's Next '30 Rock' Spot Video May 23, 2016
'30 Rock' Characters Jenna and Kenneth Reunite in an Ad for Verizon Video May 20, 2016
Take Selfies and Order Pizza in Minecraft With Verizon's In-Game Smartphone Game Dec 09, 2015
Verizon: Turn Your Cell Phone Off Over the Holidays Sometimes, Will Ya? Video Dec 04, 2015
Introducing the Revolutionary Football Hair Helmet From Old Spice Video Dec 02, 2015
Old Spice Debuts a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story on Instagram Interactive Jul 31, 2015
Weight Watchers: All You Can Eat (60s) Video Feb 01, 2015
Weight Watchers Moves From Butt to Brain in Latest Ad Video Jan 07, 2015
Weight Watchers Captures Perfectly Our Relationship With Food Video Dec 02, 2014