Jeremiah Wassom

Senior Art Director

Title Medium Date
Taco Bell : Routine Republic Propaganda Posters Print Ad Mar 23, 2015
Taco Bell Encourages Breakfast Eaters to Defect From Their 'Routine Republic' Outdoor / Out of Home Mar 23, 2015
Taco Bell: Randomly Chosen One Video Oct 22, 2014
Real Ronald McDonalds Shill Taco Bell Breakfast Video Mar 27, 2014
Taco Bell : Nate Robinson's XXL Life Video Mar 04, 2014

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Taco Bell's Quesalupa Is Bigger Than Tinder, Man-Buns and...Football? Video Feb 07, 2016
Bacon Lovers, Is This the Mall of Your Dreams? Video Jul 21, 2015