Jim Hilson

Creative Direction

Title Medium Date
The Outside Project : Coming Out Kit (print) Video Jul 17, 2018
A 'Coming Out Kit' makes a sobering point about LGBTQ homelessness Product Design Jul 17, 2018


Title Medium Date
Levi's : Unbreakable Video Aug 06, 2008
Levi's : Guitar Video Aug 06, 2008
Audi : Gymnasts Video Apr 23, 2008

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
This incontinent silver fox goes on a quest for 'ultimate control' Video Aug 07, 2018
Boundary-breaking ad by Libresse wins the Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix at Cannes Web Film Jun 22, 2018
Urine Leakage Won't Distract This Guy From Doing Amazing Things Video Sep 24, 2015