Jodi Levine

Producer Assistant

Title Medium Date
New Balance : Feet Video Oct 19, 2009

Mix Assistant

Title Medium Date
TBS : Any Device on Conan Video Sep 14, 2011

Audio Record/Mix

Title Medium Date
Little Caesars : Alan Varner Does Voices Radio Ad Sep 18, 2013
Guess Who Hijacked Little Caesars' New Radio Ad Radio Ad Sep 18, 2013

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
Americans are Forced to Think About Energy Sources in Thought-Provoking Film Video Jul 30, 2015

Assistant Engineer

Title Medium Date
Droid : iDon't Video Oct 19, 2009

Assistant Mixer

Title Medium Date
Snickers : Logging Super Bowl Feb 05, 2011


Title Medium Date
Amber Rose Keeps a Diamond-Encrusted Tampon Round Her Neck in This PSA Against Sanitary Product Taxes Video Oct 02, 2017
Cigna Employs TV Doctors in Campaign to Help Save Real Lives Video Sep 08, 2016
Dell : Stars Video Oct 22, 2012


Title Medium Date
Women's Minds 'Are Just Being Poisoned by Feminism,' According to the Guy in This Ad Video Oct 02, 2014
Bud Light Gave One Man an Epic Night with Arnold Schwarznegger, Don Cheadle, and a Llama Video Feb 02, 2014
Special Olympics : Skeleton Video Feb 24, 2010