Judy Ybarra

Director of Business Affairs

Title Medium Date
Liberty Mutual's new car-scented ad reminds drivers they'll need insurance too May 01, 2019
Forgotten women achieve a place in history textbooks with this AR app Augmented Reality Mar 13, 2019
Xfinity is turning a Miami Beach sports bar into a 'Reality TV' bar Experiential Jan 09, 2019
Germs (and ads) are everywhere in One Medical's first brand campaign Outdoor / Out of Home Nov 08, 2018
The best part of waking up is NFL's 'Gameday Morning' in your cup TV Commercial Oct 23, 2018
Shh! Sunday morning is quality time with football, son Video Aug 10, 2018
NFL : Thursday Night Football - Waladoo Video Aug 10, 2018

Broadcast Affairs Director

Title Medium Date
A karaoke duet has a carefully planned backstory in Credit Karma spots Web Film Dec 14, 2018
NFL : Conference Call Video Aug 23, 2017
Thursday Night Football Is More Pressing Than Childbirth in This NFL Spot Video Aug 23, 2017

Business Affairs Associate Director

Title Medium Date
Sonic : Fundamentals Video Mar 04, 2016
Kevin Durant Takes on the Naysayers... by Eating a Chicken Sandwich in Ad for Sonic Video Mar 04, 2016
This Intense Ad Starring Kevin Durant Takes an Unexpectedly Ridiculous Turn Video Jun 05, 2015

Senior Business Affairs

Title Medium Date
Calling the Doctor From Your Office Can Be Oh So Humiliating Video May 19, 2015
ZocDoc : Rabies Video May 19, 2015

Senior Business Affairs Manager

Title Medium Date
Marshawn Lynch steps off the field to knock some sense into phone addicts TV Commercial Dec 04, 2018
Comcast/Xfinity Confuses the Hell Out of You in Latest Laffer Video Sep 05, 2014

Business Affairs Director

Title Medium Date
Xfinity : Filtertons Grandpa Video May 30, 2018
Xfinity : Filtertons Indecision Video May 30, 2018
Xfinity : Memesteins Success Video May 30, 2018
Xfinity : Memesteins Yaas Video May 30, 2018
Xfinity : Swapsons Dance Video May 30, 2018
The internet infiltrates family life in very weird ways in Xfinity's hilarious ads Video May 30, 2018
Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Face Off in Doritos and Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Tie-Up Video Jan 17, 2018
A Home Security System Gives You a Glimpse Into Terror in This Frightening Xfinity Film Short Film Oct 26, 2017
Will Ferrell Is a Different Kind of Deadbeat Dad in Funny-Sad Campaign From Common Sense Media Video Oct 18, 2017
Moms, Dogs and Haircuts All Get Gratitude in the Golden State Warriors' Thank You Ad Video Jun 16, 2017
Tostitos Warns of Drunk Driving Dangers in Film Promoting Its 'Party Safe' Bag Video Jan 31, 2017
Tostitos' 'Party Safe' Bag of Chips Will Warn You Off Drunk Driving (and Call You an Uber) Print Ad Jan 24, 2017
We've Never Had It So Good, Says Ewan McGregor in Cisco's Optimistic Spot Video Jun 16, 2016
Grandma's Cookies : Carpool Video Apr 26, 2016
Grandma's Cookies : Cafeteria Video Apr 26, 2016
Grandma's Cookies : Park Video Apr 26, 2016
Grandma's Cookies Reveals Dangers of Smelling Too Much Like Grandma's Cookies Video Apr 26, 2016