Kiana Bicoy

Smoke Producer

Title Medium Date
Activision : Call of Duty Black Ops II Surprise Video Oct 28, 2012

Visual Effects Coordinator

Title Medium Date
Comedy Central : Hawks Video Jan 07, 2013

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
A Transgender Woman Faces the Ladies' Room in Secret's Latest 'Stress Test' Video Oct 28, 2016

Production Coordinator

Title Medium Date
P&G : Kids Video Jul 10, 2012
P&G/Olympics : Best Job -- Best of 2012 TV #2 Web Film Apr 16, 2012
Toyota Camry : It's Reinvented -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 29, 2012
Gatorade : Win from Within Video Jan 02, 2012
Old Spice : Motorcycle Video Nov 20, 2011


Title Medium Date
Peyton Manning Might Cry Over His Own Words in Gatorade's Powerful Tribute Ad Video Apr 28, 2016
A Mother Rediscovers Her Lost Creativity in Poignant Spot for HP's Sprout Video Jul 21, 2015
Gatorade: Sweat it to Get It-Slap Ft. Cam Newton Video Aug 18, 2014
Peyton Manning and Cam Newton Make People Sweat in New Gatorade Campaign Viral / Guerrilla Aug 18, 2014
Burger King's Subservient Chicken is Subservient No More Video Apr 30, 2014
ScarJo Hawks SodaStream, Sexily, in Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 27, 2014
Activision : Power of Revenge Web Film Apr 11, 2012