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Title Medium Date
A gun violence 'expert' schools adults on what do during a lockdown in March for Our Lives ad TV Commercial Apr 29, 2019
John Malkovich Tries To Reclaim His Domain Name In Squarespace's Super Bowl Ad Web Film Feb 01, 2017
John Malkovich Has an Imposter in Squarespace's Super Bowl Pregame Spot Video Jan 25, 2017
Best of 2016 No. 8 TV/Film/Branded Content -- There's a Hidden Story Behind the High School Romance in This Powerful PSA Video Dec 02, 2016


Title Medium Date has a little plan to 'save' the world from its big problems TV Commercial Jan 04, 2019
Bad Download Speed Makes for a Terrifying Ghost Story in Halloween Spot From FIOS Video Oct 27, 2017
How to Wake Up a Teen (Hint: Loud Noises Don't Work) According to Ad Council's Adoption PSA Video Sep 28, 2017
Nature's Bounty : Model Video Oct 10, 2016
Nature's Bounty : Treadmill Video Oct 10, 2016
Nature's Bounty Users Meet Their Future Selves in Ads With a Quirky Touch Video Oct 10, 2016
Colin Farrell is James Harden's 'Inner Voice' in Foot Locker's Back-to-School Ad Video Jul 25, 2016
Snickers Designs Ridiculous Products for Your Combined Hunger Symptoms Video Mar 07, 2016
Foot Locker : Borrowed Video Feb 10, 2016
Kevin Hart Unveils a Ridiculous Fashion Line in Latest Foot Locker Ads Web Film Feb 10, 2016
Snickers : Crisper - Figure Drawing Video Jan 11, 2016
Does Hunger Ever Make You 'Dimpatient?' Snickers' Ads for Crisper Warn of Combined Symptoms Video Jan 11, 2016
Let Off Steam, Dump Your Ex or Court Superstition -- in Your Spacious BMW Video Oct 05, 2015
BMW : Special Delivery Video Oct 05, 2015
BMW : Superstitions Video Oct 05, 2015
Calling the Doctor From Your Office Can Be Oh So Humiliating Video May 19, 2015
ZocDoc : Rabies Video May 19, 2015
A Tax Day Injustice, Brought to You by Snickers Web Film Apr 13, 2015
Baseball Gets Personal in Anomaly's Real-Time Campaign for MLB Web Film Apr 06, 2015
MLB : Work Video Apr 06, 2015
MLB : Laugh Video Apr 06, 2015
MLB : Kids Video Apr 06, 2015
Autistic Boy Grows Up in Spots for Four Different Brands in Autism Speaks Campaign Video Apr 28, 2014
IT Guy Turns Action Hero Thanks To Cable, In New Campaign For Charter Video Mar 04, 2014
Kids Foot Locker : Buzzer Beater Video Feb 05, 2014
James Harden Puts on an Anthony Davis Disguise in Latest Foot Locker Ad Video Feb 05, 2014
Budweiser's Clydesdales are Back for the Super Bowl -- This Time, With a Puppy Video Jan 29, 2014