Maxime Boiron


Title Medium Date
This haunting distress call under the ocean was actually an environmental charity campaign Outdoor / Out of Home Apr 12, 2019
Fake blueprints for 3D-printed guns try to keep the real thing from getting into the wrong hands Industrial Design Jan 09, 2019
McDonald's is putting digital content on its coffee cups in France QR Codes Dec 05, 2018
McDonald's pays homage to hamburger menu inventor on Reddit
Social Media Dec 03, 2018

Chief Executive Offier

Title Medium Date
A burn victim finds solace in darkness and cinema in this heartbreaking PSA Web Film May 03, 2018
Railway trespassing becomes a VR horror game in this train safety campaign Interactive Apr 12, 2018
Babies' Wails Make for Beautiful Music in This Surprising Supermarket Ad Video Mar 10, 2016

Head of TV

Title Medium Date
This disturbing film about a father and his transgender teen has a heartbreaking twist Web Film Apr 05, 2019
McDonald's : Les Amis Video Jul 13, 2017
McDonald's Pickles and Ice Cream Anchor Sweet Stories About Friendship and Love Video Jul 13, 2017
McDonald's : La Porte Video Jul 12, 2017
Fontyou: Fresh Fonts Video Apr 20, 2015
Fontyou: Fresh Fonts Print Ad Apr 20, 2015
SNCF: LET'S LEAVE Video Sep 11, 2014
Girl Hooks Up With Pinocchio and. . . Video Nov 07, 2013
The Less Clothing, The Lower The Man's I.Q. Web Film May 22, 2013
Nissan Qashqai : Stylish Impact Video Nov 22, 2011


Title Medium Date
Scan This Interactive Kids' Wallpaper to Find a Bedtime Story Interactive May 30, 2017
McDonald's Fires Back at Burger King in France With a Road Sign Prank Stunt Feb 25, 2016

TV Producer

Title Medium Date
Nissan Europe : Built to Thrill Video Mar 12, 2012
Christian Dior : Dior J'Adore Video Sep 05, 2011
Aides : Clever Dick Web Film Apr 04, 2011
Aides : A Life Video Nov 29, 2010

Broadcast Producer

Title Medium Date
Amnesty International : Signatures Video Apr 17, 2008

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
You'll Never Look At Porn in the Same Way Again Video May 06, 2013
Aides : Guns Video Jun 05, 2012
Aides : Graffiti Video Jan 14, 2010
Amnesty International : Ink Video Aug 01, 2008
Nissan : Skate Park Video Feb 12, 2007
Nissan : Naturally Capable Video Sep 24, 2006