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Title Medium Date
These gorgeous 'travel' destinations can all be found within the Xbox universe Integrated Campaign Apr 25, 2019
Wimbledon posters bring a vintage style to the Championships Print Ad Jul 06, 2018
Microsoft XBox's Video Jun 20, 2018
A Talking Sandwich Breaks Up With Its Owner in This Subway Spot Video Aug 02, 2017
Wimbledon Lifts the Lid on How it Prepares for the Championships Video Jun 16, 2017
MasterCard Built a Female Soccer Table for the UEFA Champion's League Women's Final Video Jun 07, 2017
Rashford and Willian Prep for the Big Game in Xbox's 'FIFA 17' Spot Video May 05, 2017
Bill Nighy Narrates a Powerful Film About Dementia That Urges People to Unite Video Apr 25, 2017
Cheapflights' Chrome Extension Makes It Easier to Book a Flight on Impulse Web Film Apr 25, 2017
A Subway Customer's Alter Ego is More Adventurous in This U.K. Spot Video Apr 18, 2017
Xbox Depicts Flesh-Eating Zombies in Christmas Lights to Promote 'Dead Rising 4' Print Ad Dec 06, 2016
This Charity's Christmas Cards Place the Nativity in the Modern Day Middle East Print Ad Nov 30, 2016
Subway Shows How to Keep a Date Even Cheaper Video Jul 07, 2016
Ellie Goulding Performs With Two Superfans in Latest MasterCard Priceless Surprise Video Feb 23, 2016
MasterCard Reunites Rugby Star Dan Carter With His Childhood Team-mates in Latest 'Priceless Surprise' Video Oct 06, 2015
Send Your Worst Staffers to the Festival, Says Cannes Lions Campaign Web Film Feb 24, 2015
Bisto Took a Trucker's Family To the Arctic Circle To Make This Heartwarming Holiday Spot Video Dec 08, 2014
Pro-Bono: Transpresent Wrapping Paper Print Ad Dec 08, 2014
Qatar Financial Centre Authority: 'Great Success Comes From Great Support' Video Oct 31, 2014
British Food Brand Turns Its Bowler-Hatted Mascot Into ... a Homewrecker? Video Sep 22, 2014
Xbox Tweets 'Destiny' Fragrance, Flouting U.K. Promotion Rules Social Media Sep 09, 2014
Momondo's 'Friend Compass' Will Find Your Buddies -- and the Cheapest Flight to Get to Them App Apr 09, 2014
Sony Bravia : Volcano Making Of Video Oct 31, 2013
Sony Sets Off Colorful Volcanic Explosion to Promote its 4K TVs Video Oct 31, 2013
Choosing How Your Sub Gets Made is Pretty Self-Empowering Video May 07, 2013
Sony Xperia : Be Moved Video Feb 26, 2013
Paxo : The Turkey Whisperer Video Dec 12, 2012
American Airlines : Everyone is an Individual 20-2 Video Nov 07, 2011
American Airlines : Everyone is an Individual Video Nov 07, 2011
American Airlines : Everyone is an Individual 20-1 Video Nov 07, 2011