Michelle Eskin

Editorial Managing Director

Title Medium Date
Levi's Vintage Clothing: Stories of an Original Video Apr 14, 2016

Managing Partner

Title Medium Date
This Touching Zillow Ad About a Sad Kid Who Misses His Mom Is Designed to Make You Cry Video Apr 25, 2017
Eat Taco Bell, Get to Destroy Killer Robots on Playstation Web Film Sep 27, 2013

Managing Director

Title Medium Date
Farmers wants you to think about death (or rather, life insurance) on Halloween TV Commercial Oct 17, 2018
No Cow : We LOVE Cows Video Aug 13, 2018
No Cow : #JoinTheHerd Feel the Love Video Aug 13, 2018
Protein bar No Cow shows plenty of cow in its first big campaign Video Aug 13, 2018
Honda targets hybrid 'blahs' in Insight comeback campaign Video Jul 23, 2018
Geico Keeps Interrupting Its Own Ads in Latest Pre-Roll Campaign Web Film Feb 08, 2018
Kids Slam Trump's Wall With the Help of a Boring Toy Video Dec 07, 2017
Netflix Delivers Punchline to Its 'Joke' Ads in Emmys Commercial Video Sep 18, 2017
R/GA's First TV Ad for Jordan Brand Celebrates Russell Westbrook's Triple-Double Record Mobile Ad Apr 10, 2017
Watch Target's Take on 'The Nutcracker' Starring John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Video Dec 12, 2016
Target : Toycracker Preview Video Oct 26, 2016
Jeff Goldblum's Latest Apartments.com Ad May Be the Weirdest Yet Video Aug 24, 2016
Farmers Insurance Introduces a New Kind of Athlete to the Olympics: Mer-Mutts Video Aug 05, 2016
Aaron Paul Catches a Lying Fan in the Act for Hulu Video May 12, 2016
Hulu : Empire Video May 12, 2016
Christopher Walken Has Sock Puppet Hands in Kia's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 02, 2016
Mazda's Emotional Campaign Follows a Driver Through the Years Video May 21, 2015
A Punk Hunter Shoots Skeet in Artsy Newport Beach Film Festival Spot Web Film Apr 07, 2015
Newport Beach Film Festival: Skeet Art Video Apr 06, 2015
Adorable Mop Dog Stars in Dr Pepper's Newest Ad Video Jan 13, 2015
Lost Pet? No Problem. A Digital Native Locates His Iguana With the Help of HP Social Media Oct 07, 2014
Burger King's Subservient Chicken is Subservient No More Video Apr 30, 2014
Non-World Cup Sponsor Pepsi Debuts Global Soccer Campaign Web Film Apr 02, 2014
A Newport Beach Film Fest Projectionist Tells His Daughter a Bedtime Tale Web Film Mar 31, 2014