Paul Downes


Title Medium Date
Cadillac : CTS-V Video Feb 23, 2017
Cadillac : Pioneers Video Feb 23, 2017
Cadillac : Pedestal Video Feb 23, 2017

Flame Assistant

Title Medium Date
Honda : Everything Video Dec 14, 2009

Lead Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
People Defy the Word 'Can't' in Samsung's Latest Global Spot Video Feb 20, 2018

2D Artist

Title Medium Date
Duracell Shows How Very Bad Things Can Happen -- When a Toy Battery Fails Video Aug 07, 2017
Football Pros and Other Celebs Play in Nike's Spectacular World Cup Pick-Up Game Web Film Apr 25, 2014
Jason Statham Wants His 'Downton Abbey' in High Octane Xfinity Spot Video Feb 13, 2014