Ricardo Casal

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Budweiser's Clydesdales Will Sit Out the Super Bowl Video Jan 25, 2018
Burger King's Really Bad Service Gives Customers a Lesson in Net Neutrality Stunt Jan 23, 2018
This Amusing Beer Ad Illustrates All the Ways 'Special' Is Totally Over-Used Video Nov 22, 2017

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Spirits don't like it, but Burger King takes a chance on the living with its Ghost Whopper Web Film Oct 21, 2019
Burger King's green Halloween bun is clinically proven to give you nightmares Web Film Oct 18, 2018

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Best of 2017 Print/OOH/Design--No. 3: Heinz Taps Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce for Campaign (Yes, Really) Print Ad Mar 13, 2017
Best of 2016 No. 10 Print/OOH/Design -- Burger King Tries to Scare Customers by Dressing Up as McDonald's for Halloween Stunt Oct 26, 2016
Coca-Cola : That's Gold - Gold Actions Web Film Jul 13, 2016
Coca-Cola's Joyous Olympics Campaign Captures the Feeling of Gold Web Film Jul 13, 2016
These 'Man Boobs' Provide a Useful Breast Self-Exam Demo Video Apr 22, 2016
Burger King : Burger King Grilled Dogs Whopper Sign Video Apr 13, 2016
Burger King's The King Finally Breaks His Silence -- With Sign Language Web Film Apr 13, 2016
Heinz's Super Bowl Ad Is a Surreal Weiner Stampede Super Bowl Feb 01, 2016
Coke Emblazons Cans With Transferable Tattoos of Last Names Print Ad Sep 02, 2015
Experience Motherhood From Several Viewpoints in Coke's Interactive Film Interactive May 06, 2015
Milka Vending Machine Makes You Work Hard for the Chocolate Stunt Sep 04, 2013
Staples : Screensaver Video May 13, 2012