Rochelle Brown

Senior Producer Color

Title Medium Date
A Nissan Rogue helps a family dodge the dangers of a 'distracted' world TV Commercial Jul 24, 2019

Color Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Nissan Targets Younger Truck Drivers With a Goofy Ad Featuring Mini-Dude 'Horses' Video Oct 13, 2017

Commercial Color Producer

Title Medium Date
Teen Lives out his Future in Category-defying Banking Spot Video Jun 10, 2014

Color Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Ancestry Digs Into the Diverse DNA of Hockey Players Ahead of the Winter Games Video Feb 09, 2018
ESPN : Queue Video May 10, 2016
ESPN Reminds You Live Sports Trumps Instagramming Your Food Video May 10, 2016

Color Producer

Title Medium Date
Nissan worked backwards to create eye-popping debut ad for the Kicks crossover Video Jul 11, 2018
A Decisive Kid Takes Charge of the Family Car in This Zany Little Ceasars Ad Video Dec 13, 2017
A Home Security System Gives You a Glimpse Into Terror in This Frightening Xfinity Film Short Film Oct 26, 2017
See the Wizard of Oz Through a Blind Seven-Year-Old's Eyes in This Oscars Spot Video Feb 19, 2015

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Hey Cat Lady, GoDaddy Has Your Back Social Media Apr 11, 2016
GoDaddy : Cats in Hats Video Apr 11, 2016
Delicious Mac & Cheese That You're Not Allowed to Eat? But Why?! Video Oct 19, 2015

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
A Man Whose 'Bleep Don't Stink' Stars in Super Bowl Ad--From Febreze Video Jan 25, 2018


Title Medium Date
An Inventive Little Girl Grows Up to Be a GE Scientist in This Charming Spot Video Sep 12, 2017
NFL : Conference Call Video Aug 23, 2017
Thursday Night Football Is More Pressing Than Childbirth in This NFL Spot Video Aug 23, 2017
A Caribbean Town Is Stuck in a Boomerang Loop in Bacardi's Summer Ad Video Jun 02, 2017
Coca-Cola : Intro Coca-Cola Summer Video May 26, 2017
Coca-Cola : Guess My Name Video May 26, 2017
Coca-Cola : What's Your Name Video May 26, 2017
Coke Kicks Off the Summer With a Cute Beachside Romance Video May 26, 2017
Draymond Green Fails to Recognize Horace Grant in Foot Locker's Latest Ad Video Aug 09, 2016
Colin Farrell is James Harden's 'Inner Voice' in Foot Locker's Back-to-School Ad Video Jul 25, 2016
Moms Are Back in Another Olympics Tear-Jerker From P&G Video Apr 27, 2016
Snickers Designs Ridiculous Products for Your Combined Hunger Symptoms Video Mar 07, 2016
Remix 'Candyman' to Celebrate 75 Years of M&Ms Video Mar 02, 2016
Snickers : Crisper - Figure Drawing Video Jan 11, 2016
Does Hunger Ever Make You 'Dimpatient?' Snickers' Ads for Crisper Warn of Combined Symptoms Video Jan 11, 2016
Microsoft XBOX : The Hunt Begins Video Oct 05, 2015
Master Chief Is Dead? Halo 5 Campaign Targets 'Fallen' Hero Video Oct 05, 2015
Krylon : Chair Video Jul 07, 2015
Krylon : WateringCan Video Jul 07, 2015
Yard Sale Upcycling Gets Competitive in Humorous Spots for Krylon Video Jul 07, 2015
Baseball Gets Personal in Anomaly's Real-Time Campaign for MLB Web Film Apr 06, 2015
MLB : Work Video Apr 06, 2015
MLB : Laugh Video Apr 06, 2015
MLB : Kids Video Apr 06, 2015
Benjamin Moore : Baby's Room Video Mar 25, 2015
Benjamin Moore : Tough Plant Video Mar 25, 2015
Clueless Puppets Give Bad Home Improvement Advice in Ads for Benjamin Moore Video Mar 25, 2015