Scott Johnson

2D Visual Effects Artist

Title Medium Date
Nike : Welcome to the KobeSystem Video Jan 24, 2012

Interactive Developer

Title Medium Date
Yahoo! : Video Gallery Interactive Jul 19, 2006

2D Lead Artist

Title Medium Date
Gatorade: Sweat it to Get It-Slap Ft. Cam Newton Video Aug 18, 2014
Peyton Manning and Cam Newton Make People Sweat in New Gatorade Campaign Viral / Guerrilla Aug 18, 2014

2D Artist

Title Medium Date
Nike has an empowering message for Mexican women Video Aug 31, 2018
Nissan worked backwards to create eye-popping debut ad for the Kicks crossover Video Jul 11, 2018
Cristiano Ronaldo Swaps Bodies With a Young Fan in Nike Soccer Film Short Film Jun 09, 2016
Facebook: Sport Friends Video Feb 25, 2016
Facebook: Adventurous Friends Video Feb 25, 2016
How Driving an Audi Could Move You to Tears Video Feb 19, 2016
Terry Crews Gets All Up in TMYMCSL's Face in Old Spice's Scent Showdown Video Aug 13, 2015
Old Spice Pits Terry Crews Against TMYMCSL in Latest Ad Web Film Aug 06, 2015
Burger King's Subservient Chicken is Subservient No More Video Apr 30, 2014
Intel Honors Blind Mountaineer In Latest 'Look Inside' Spot Short Film Feb 05, 2014

Smoke Artist

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen : Sunny Side Web Film Jan 23, 2013

Visual Effects Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Lee : Pretty Woman Video Sep 20, 2004

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
A Woman's Evening Run Turns Into a Mysterious Adventure in Seductive Spot From Nike China Video Nov 09, 2017
A Transgender Woman Faces the Ladies' Room in Secret's Latest 'Stress Test' Video Oct 28, 2016
Lexus : Slice Video Oct 10, 2007

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Apple : Quote Video Jan 22, 2008

Group Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Mountain Dew : Pitch Black Interactive Sep 10, 2004

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Sierra Mist : Mistominiums Interactive Jul 10, 2006
Lay's : Superman Returns Interactive Jun 13, 2006
Mountain Dew : Code Red Interactive May 24, 2006
Pepsi : Ringtones Interactive May 18, 2006
Mountain Dew : Frawg Challenge Interactive Mar 23, 2006
Aquafina : Resolutions Interactive Jan 04, 2006
New Mexico Dept. of Transportation : Student Driver Video Jun 30, 2003


Title Medium Date
PetCo Debuts Emotional Spot, New Tagline: 'The Power of Together' Ambient Sep 04, 2013

Art Director

Title Medium Date
NHL Hockey Hall of Fame : Jimmie Cook Video Apr 09, 2012
NHL Hockey Hall of Fame : Robbie Turcotte Video Apr 09, 2012
NHL Hockey Hall of Fame : Oliver Renauld Video Apr 09, 2012

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Taco Bell : Fourth Meal Taxi Company Interactive Aug 01, 2007