Simone Grattarola

Color Grade

Title Medium Date
Best of 2018 TV/Film No. 6: An array of vulvas sing in this taboo-breaking film from Libresse Web Film Nov 27, 2018
Argos foils a mischievous holiday-wrecking imp in whimsical ad TV Campaign Nov 07, 2018


Title Medium Date
You might shed a tear over this ad promoting Comic Relief TV Campaign Mar 14, 2019
The Economist's first brand TV ad in a decade questions all the answers TV Commercial Jan 08, 2019
Sainsbury's Eschews Animated Blockbusters for a Karaoke-Style Christmas Song Video Nov 12, 2017
Pooface! Brilliant Pampers Ad Captures Babies Making Doody in Glorious Slow-Mo Web Film Jul 01, 2015

Telecine Artist

Title Medium Date
Best of 2018 TV/Film No. 5: Nike Honors London Athletes in This Insane, Frenetic Tale of Oneupsmanship Video Jun 21, 2018

Online Artist

Title Medium Date
This PSA Recreates the Pottery Wheel Scene From 'Ghost' to Make a Point About Drink-Driving Video Mar 13, 2018


Title Medium Date
The world syncs to 'Blue Monday' in launch spot for 'BT Plus' Video Jun 11, 2018


Title Medium Date
The BBC promotes Women's World Cup with a driving rap anthem May 20, 2019
Working out isn't all Lululemon or Peloton in Sport England's latest exuberant ad TV Commercial Oct 26, 2018
Henry the Eighth on Tinder? Three makes the case for phones throughout history TV Commercial Oct 17, 2018
This surprisingly moving film shows how teachers are true heroes TV Commercial Oct 05, 2018
Hate Washing Dishes? This 'Musical' by Finish Will Remind You Why Video Jun 12, 2017
Sainsbury's Captures the Joy of 'Food Dancing' in First Work From W&K London Video Jan 17, 2017
Gant : Marcus - BTS Video Sep 30, 2016
Gant : Miranda - BTS Video Sep 30, 2016
Gant : Richard - BTS Video Sep 30, 2016
Gant : The Layering System Video Sep 30, 2016
Gant : White Shirt Video Sep 30, 2016
Gant : Chino Moya Video Sep 30, 2016
Gant : New Knit Video Sep 29, 2016
Word Nerds Are Sure to Be Charmed by Gant's Fashion Campaign Print Ad Sep 29, 2016
A Boy Grows Up and Rediscovers His Sense of Wonder in This Gorgeous Mercedes Spot Video Jul 21, 2016
Dropbox : Creative Freedom (Print) Print Ad Oct 13, 2015
Dropbox Shares the Awesome Work of Creators in First Brand Campaign Video Oct 13, 2015
Barnardo's : Suit Web Film Sep 05, 2011
Barnardo's : Blouse Video Aug 21, 2011
Barnardo's : Lucky Shirt Video Aug 21, 2011
Samsung : Millimetres Matter Video May 04, 2007
HP : Tea Runner Video Jan 25, 2007