Susie Boyajan

Mix Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
OtterBox : Backpack Video Aug 15, 2017
OtterBox : S'mores Video Aug 15, 2017
A Giant Otter Protects Peyton Manning in Otterbox's Gloriously Silly Ads Video Aug 15, 2017

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Ridiculous teachers' notes become animations in Fruit of the Loom's adorable back-to-school work Web Film Aug 13, 2018
Fruit of the Loom : Tales from Teachers - Strawberry Fi Web Film Aug 13, 2018
Shh! Sunday morning is quality time with football, son Video Aug 10, 2018
Serena Williams' own mom narrates Gatorade's ad paying tribute to her motherhood Video Jul 17, 2018
Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Face Off in Doritos and Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Tie-Up Video Jan 17, 2018
Inconceivable! Culligan Man Takes Backseat to Cary Elwes of 'Princess Bride' in Golden Globes Ad Video Jan 05, 2018
Twitter : Explore Video Dec 13, 2017
Comedian Romesh Ranganathan Schools Twitter Newbies on How to Get on Board Video Dec 13, 2017
Minecraft Made a Musical to Promote Its 'Super Duper Graphics Pack' Video Nov 21, 2017
Trophies Spring to Life in Whimsical Ad for Honda's 10th-Generation Accord Video Nov 02, 2017
A Home Security System Gives You a Glimpse Into Terror in This Frightening Xfinity Film Short Film Oct 26, 2017
Will Ferrell Is a Different Kind of Deadbeat Dad in Funny-Sad Campaign From Common Sense Media Video Oct 18, 2017
Nike's Gripping NBA Ad Portrays the Ups and Downs of a Young Basketball Champ Video Oct 18, 2017
Barnardo's : Stranger Claims The Thing in the Car Video Oct 13, 2017
Barnardo's : Stranger Claims Turf-Napping Video Oct 13, 2017
On Friday the 13th, a Host of Real-Life Scares, Courtesy of Farmers Insurance Video Oct 13, 2017
Barnardo's : Stranger Claims Dawn of the Deer Video Oct 13, 2017
Barnardo's : Stranger Claims Stu-Henge Video Oct 13, 2017
Barnardo's : Stranger Claims Video Oct 13, 2017
Tile : Lost Panda Poster Print Ad Oct 12, 2017
A Sad, Lost Stuffed Panda Is the Star of Tile's First Brand Campaign Video Oct 12, 2017
HP's Father-Daughter Tearjerker Is an Excuse for a Back-to-School Cry Video Sep 05, 2017
These Honda Fit Ads Disappear Into the Back of the Car Video Sep 01, 2017
NFL : Conference Call Video Aug 23, 2017
Cute Kids Freak Out Their Parents by Opening a 'Magic Portal' in the Living Room Video Jul 26, 2017


Title Medium Date
Old Spice : Coach Talk Video Sep 06, 2017