Tom Lindsay

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Powerade's Powerful Spot Recreates Jimmy Graham's Tough Childhood Video Sep 14, 2015


Title Medium Date
This film from the Gates Foundation celebrates young activists who aren't waiting around to change the world
Web Film Oct 04, 2018
A rom-com turns into a zombie flick in new work for AT&T Cinema / Film / Movie Jul 17, 2018
AT&T : Bus Video Jul 17, 2018
Boundary-breaking ad by Libresse wins the Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix at Cannes Web Film Jun 22, 2018
Nike (Russia) : Aleksandr Maltsev Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia) : Nike Elena Fedoseeva Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia) : Fedor Smolov Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike is decorating Russia's 'korobka' cages for the World Cup Video Jun 19, 2018
A bodega owner imagines his personal soccer movie in Powerade's World Cup ad Video May 30, 2018
Amid PR Crisis, Uber Debuts First U.K. TV Spot Video Jun 12, 2017
Eurostar Travel Is a State of Mind, Says New Wave-Style Spot for Train Service Video Feb 21, 2017
Lurpak Tells 'Sofa-Chefs' to Get off Their Butts and Start Cooking in Latest from W&K Video Sep 16, 2016
Female Athletes Are Total Badasses in Nike India's Powerful Music Video Video Jul 12, 2016
Virgin Media's Usain Bolt Ad Demonstrates What 9.58 Seconds Feels Like Video Jul 06, 2016
Hennessy Recreates the Journeys of Iconic Swiss Explorers in an Epic 'Wild Rabbit' Video Apr 15, 2016
Powerade's Powerful Spot Recreates Jimmy Graham's Tough Childhood Video Sep 14, 2015
Japanese 'Precision Walking' Inspires a Colorful, Beautifully Choreographed Honda Spot Video Sep 03, 2015
This Purple Muppet May Be the Key to Solving the Mobile Industry's Problems Video Jun 05, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 3 TV/Film: Sport England Celebrates the Jiggle, Sweat and Cellulite of Real Female Athletes Web Film Jan 12, 2015
Guess Which Retailer Is Behind This Vibrant, Eye-Popping Ad (Hint: It's Not Target) Video Oct 14, 2014
Chivas Has Created a $1 Million Fund for 'Social Entrepreneurs' and You Could Get a Cut Video Oct 02, 2014
In Volvo's Beautifully Shot New Ad, the Car Only Plays a Cameo Video Sep 29, 2014
Daniel Wolfe Captures Dystopian Beauty in New Video for Paolo Nutini Video Aug 07, 2014
Droga5 Debuts Empowering Campaign for Under Armour Women's Line Video Jul 31, 2014
Firefighter's Wife Narrates New Vodafone UK Spot Video Mar 27, 2014
Cadbury : Taste Video Feb 14, 2013
Cobra : Train Video Mar 02, 2012
If Insurance : Magic Claims Handling 2 Video Aug 16, 2011
Grinderman : Heathen Child Music Video Aug 20, 2010
History of the World : Horse Promotion Jan 20, 2010
History of the World : Bull Promotion Jan 06, 2010
Reyka : Firsts Video Apr 12, 2007
Reyka : Water Video Apr 12, 2007
Reyka : Flavored Video Apr 12, 2007