Title Medium Date
Youth Ambassadors : What to Eat When You're Hungry Video Apr 24, 2018
Youth Ambassadors : How to Tell if Mom's Overdosing Video Apr 24, 2018
Shocking 'Sesame Street'-style videos school kids on dodging bullets and helping Mom when she OD's Video Apr 24, 2018
Wendy's Burns McDonald's Beef in Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 31, 2018
The UN Is Using Facebook's Augmented Reality Tool to Let Aid Workers Tell Their Stories Interactive Aug 21, 2017
Visit Legoland Before Your Kids Become Horrible Teenagers, Say These Ads Print Ad May 15, 2017
Panama's Not for Tourists, Says Country's Tourism Campaign Web Film May 09, 2017
Wendy's First Super Bowl Ad Takes Freshness Pitch to a New Level Video Jan 31, 2017
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development: Vacation Matchmaker Interactive Jun 09, 2016
Uma Thurman Narrates a Sweeping IOC Blockbuster as Olympic Fever Kicks Off Video Apr 21, 2016
Wendy's: Where's The Beef (From) Video Feb 12, 2016
Wendy's: Perfect Ratio Video Feb 12, 2016
Gatorade: Super Bowl Dunk Snapchat Lens Interactive Feb 12, 2016
Wendy's: Thick Cut Is Beautiful Interactive Jul 28, 2015
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development: Last Song to Memphis Video May 06, 2015
La Casa del Encuentro: Fake Up Print Ad Apr 19, 2015
Wendy's: Romaine Lettuce Journey Video Mar 19, 2015
Gatorade Celebrates Its Sports Legacy on Its 50th Anniversary Video Dec 29, 2014
Union Station Kansas City: Living History at Union Station Interactive Nov 07, 2014
Wendy's: #BBQ4merica Video Oct 06, 2014
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development: The Music. Made in Tennessee. Video Aug 28, 2014
Boyz II Men Sing Wendy's Pretzel Bun Love Tweets Video Jul 10, 2014
Wendy's: The Star of Tuscany Interactive Jun 18, 2014
Folly Theater: Plugged-In Live Theater Performance Interactive Apr 15, 2014
Ajax App Will Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles Interactive Jan 17, 2014
Wendy's Pretzel Pub Chicken is So Good, It Deserves Its Own Love Story Web Film Oct 18, 2013
YouTube Preroll Helps Find Missing Persons for Aussie Police Signage Sep 03, 2013
Quiznos : Chicken Bacon Dipper - The Hair Raiser Video Mar 30, 2011
Gatorade : Mission Control Social Media Jun 16, 2010