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The Aggrieved Pinky Gets its Revenge in This Oreo Spot Promoting Thins Video Aug 03, 2015


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Miller High Life: I Am Rich Video May 06, 2016

Editing House

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A Refugee's Story Makes Olympic Glory More Poignant in Visa's Opening Ceremony Spot Video Aug 05, 2016
JCPenney: Back to School Video Jul 26, 2016
Yeo Valley : Boyband Social Media Oct 06, 2011

Editing Company

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EA Sports Distills Lionel Messi's Tears Into Bittersweet Chocolate Web Film May 18, 2015
British Heart Foundation : Hard and Fast (2) Video Jan 04, 2012
Specsavers Creative : Garage Video Jul 27, 2010


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This SunnyD ad is oddly watchable Video Aug 03, 2018
Dolphin impalement doesn't keep this Pom drinker from enjoying his life Web Film May 14, 2018
POM Wonderful : Couch Video May 14, 2018
A Polo Shirt Is Always in Fashion in Lacoste's Time Travel Love Story Video May 30, 2017
United Healthcare: Delivery Video Dec 07, 2015
Dogs Can Even Cure Society's Ills, According to Dramatic Ad From Pedigree Video May 29, 2015
Gatorade Makes Sweat Look Incredible in a Tribute to Tenacity Video May 14, 2015
Blue Cross/Blue Shield : Fast Food Restaurant Video Sep 10, 2012
Blue Cross/Blue Shield : Shopping Video Sep 10, 2012

Editorial House

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Cam Newton Reboots for a New Season in Gatorade's Football Spot Video Sep 08, 2016

Editorial Producer

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Capital One : Garth Video Jun 15, 2005
Capital One : Marty Video Jun 15, 2005
Capital One : Ivan Jr. Video Jun 15, 2005

Editorial Company

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Google/Squarespace : LocoL Web Film Oct 03, 2016
Squarespace and Google Team Up to Highlight Small Businesses With a Mission Web Film Oct 03, 2016
Google/Squarespace : Girlboss Web Film Oct 03, 2016
Soccer Pro Abby Wambach Wants Fans to Forget Her in Gatorade's Farewell Campaign Web Film Dec 16, 2015
Ali Vs. Ali, Sharapova Vs. Sharapova in Bold Ad for the Porsche 911 Video Dec 10, 2015
Ali Vs. Ali, Sharapova Vs. Sharapova in Bold Ad for the Porsche 911 Video Dec 10, 2015
DriveTime: Raise the Roof Video Oct 14, 2015
DriveTime: The But Stops Here Video Oct 14, 2015
DriveTime: Turn Down for Credit Video Oct 12, 2015
Jennifer Aniston Has a Diva Nightmare in This Ad for Emirates Video Oct 05, 2015
Adidas Urges You to 'Unfollow' Leo Messi Video Aug 20, 2015
Adidas Knocks Soccer Heroes Off Their Pedestal in Debut Work From 72andSunny Video Aug 06, 2015
Male Models Get a Grilling From Samantha Bee for New York Men's Fashion Week Video Jul 15, 2015
Surf Blogs Are Wondering if This Samsung Spot Is the Greatest Surf Ad Ever Video Jul 13, 2015
This Could Be the Sad Dog Story to Top All Sad Dog Stories Video May 20, 2015
Meet James Corden's Hipster Alter Ego in Samsung's Latest Spot Web Film Apr 10, 2015
So, This is What a Fairytale Wedding Looks Like Video Mar 26, 2015
Geico Knows You're Tired of Pre-Rolls, so These Are Different Video Feb 27, 2015
Nissan Super Bowl Ad Tells Emotive Tale of a Racing Driver and His Son Super Bowl Feb 01, 2015
McDonald's: Signs Video Jan 16, 2015
Gay Black Dads Share Images of Their Family Life in Nikon Campaign Photography Jan 15, 2015
BBC iPlayer : Poke Ricky Gervais App Jan 19, 2012
Cadillac : Reignition Video Sep 01, 2009
LendingTree.com : Great Scott Video Jul 19, 2009

Post Production

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Toddlers Kill -- Satirical Ad From Brady Campaign Is Based on Shocking Truth Video Oct 17, 2016


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T-Mobile : NBA My Faves Super Bowl Jan 31, 2008