Tokyo Tourism Project Recreates the City Entirely Out of Muji Products

Exhibit Is Coming to NYC After Taipei

Published On
Mar 02, 2016

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Muji is brand synonymous with Japanese design, so it's totaly appropriate to see it helping promote Japanese tourism with an exhibition that recreates the city of Tokyo using exclusively Muji products.

As part of the &Tokyo project to promote tourism, the retailer collaborated with the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau to launch Muji 10,000 shapes of Tokyo. From the Tokyo Tower to other familiar buildings and cityscapes, the exhibit sees Muji products -- many of which are built to calculated, uniform design specifications --stacked, layered, and lined up to form shapes which appear as if they were designed pieces of architecture, or planned elements of a city.

The exhibition will be held first in Taipei, Taiwan from March 5 to March 13 and then in New York City from March 19 to April 24.